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Vigo has a great cultural offerings that make the city more welcoming for those who live there and more attractive to visitors. In this network of cultural spaces are museum centers, chronicles his cultural development, which also show new realities and artistic movements.

The buildings that host the artistic and cultural heritage of the city, besides its own architectural value, are part of our history and bring value to the cityscape.

Caixanova Cultural Center (Former Theater Garcia Barbon): St. Policarpo Sanz, 13.
Welcomes all kinds of activities related to culture: opera, theater, concerts, dance, film, reading, lectures and art exhibitions. Ticket online.

Caixanova Social Center: St. Policarpo Sanz, 24-26.
Located in the historical building Casa Barcena, conceived as a catalyst for social and cultural demands. Its exhibition halls host the best collection of Galician art world, an exhibition on the environment and areas of popular science or ethnographic. It features an auditorium and conference room, and an area of new technologies, a center of social and technological research dissemination center.

House of Arts: St. Policarpo Sanz, 15.
This is the main center for temporary exhibitions planned by the Culture Unit of City Council. It is the headquarters of the Laxeiro Foundation, Photographic Archive Pacheco and Luis Torras Collection.

Caixa Galicia Foundation: St. Policarpo Sanz, 21.
It is dedicated to the promotion of culture: arts exhibitions, sculptures, literature, photography, design and history.

Galician Culture Home (Penzol Library): Plaza de la Princesa, 2.
Multidisciplinary center that are scheduled in the artistic and literary activities. It has the existence of a library collection and museum focused on the study of historical and current reality of Galicia. The focus of this museum focuses on the art collection donated by the writer Francisco Fernandez del Riego.

MARCO (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vigo): Plaza de Urzaiz.
The building was originally a prison. Years later was rehabilitated, so that the November 13, 2002 re-opened as a museum. This is an important museum which houses high-level art exhibitions such as the photography, sculpture or painting. It also offers various educational activities and performances.

Traditional Craft Center: St. Subida al Castillo, 10. Center attached to the heritage service of City Council, laimed at the protection and promotion of Galician traditional craft, spreading trades as blacksmiths, weavers, masons, carpenters, potters and basket makers.

House Basketmaker: St. Real, 10.
Coordinated by the Traditional Craft Center, seeks to enhance the product with their trade and environment.

Salinae - Archaeological Center: St. Rosalia de Castro, 21-23. Facing the health center. Contains one of the solar evaporation salt oldest, unique archaeological site because of its antiquity, projects the importance of Vigo as a Roman settlement.

Liste Ethnographical Museum: St. Pastora, 22.
Museum created with the aim of publicize and disseminate the ethnographic heritage of Galicia.

Municipal Museum Quiñones de Leon (Castrelos Museum): Located at Pazo Quiñones de Leon in Castrelos Park, is divided into three areas: the ground floor is decorated tom simulate the appearance of the manor when it was inhabited, another area is devoted to contemporary Galician art and finally another important dedicated to prehistory and archeology of Vigo and its area.

Galicia Sea Museum: Atlantida Av, 160.
Beside the Vigo Bay, in the parish of Alcabre, is a venue dedicated to the sea. Located at an archaeological site, with a pier and lighthouse sailor, shows an exhibition of the history of Galicia's fishing industry and has an aquarium which presents the ecosystems in the estuaries.

Verbum - Casa de las Palabras: Samil Av, 17.
This is an interactive museum focusing on the fields related to human communication, which are treated from a viewpoint playful and informative. It gives visitors the opportunity to participate in an active way in the exhibition elements.

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